Mr. Davies, Basingstoke

The company has been very helpful to my wife and me over the past year. From advising on the purchase of a new computer, restoring a 'crashed' laptop to its former glory and solving several operational issues with our two laptops. Nothing has been too much trouble, prompt and efficient service. Also their rates are excellent value. Would recommend their services.

Mr. Brundrit, Basingstoke

We have two notebooks and a desktop computer. All of them were quite sluggish and sometimes were just dragging. We contacted Laz, who cleaned all the machines and installed a free antivirus software. He also upgraded the desktop’s processor. Now all three computers are working much faster. Well pleased.

Mr. Cookson, Basingstoke

After an accidental soup spillage over my laptop some of the keys stopped working. Laz sourced the required replacement, fitted, and returned to me next day. Excellent communications and efficient job.

Mr. Wai, Basingstoke

I had random popups during browsing the Internet, and generally my desktop was pretty slow. Laz came to my house and fixed the problems by removing over 500 viruses and upgrading the processor. What made me happy was that Laz has the policy of ‘No Fix, No Fee’. His fees are very reasonable and competitive with others. Thanks to him it’s all good now. I highly recommend that if you have any problems with your computers (personal or business). This chap is so friendly, cool and very helpful. Have a try with LTB Computers.

Retina Medical Eye Centre Ltd., Camberley

I have two computers with Windows XP at my shop. One is for administrative purposes, the other one for operating the Fundus eye camera. Both were giving me a few problems. When I contacted him, Laz came down to my practice and assured me that he would not charge me at all if he could not fix it. That was good enough for me. He has figured the problems out and fixed both computers. No more issues since then. Value for money service indeed. Well and highly recommended.

Mr. Piszton, Overton

Laz helped me out in speeding up our desktop computer, and replaced the faulty DVD-drive. He also replaced a cracked screen of my son’s laptop. We are very happy with his professionalism and reliability.