Computer repair

We undertake most computer repair works to the best of our knowledge. No job is too small. If we are unable to fix the problem, we will not charge you.

Virus removal

If you have a suspicion that your computer doesn’t behave as it should or it started doing unusual things (e.g. unknown websites or ads pop up, user files disappear, odd error messages been displayed, essential functions don’t work, unresponsive or frozen system, system crash), you might have a malicious software (e.g. virus, trojan, rootkit etc.) on your machine. Although we are able to remove most viruses, occasionally only a complete operating system re-install solves the problem.

Data recovery

In the unfortunate event of your computer has broken down or some of your files were accidentally deleted, your precious data (e.g. photos, videos, music, documents etc.) can be recovered in most cases. Generally it is a very lengthy process which we cannot carry out at your place, so this service is available offsite only.

Hardware upgrade

Certain parts of a computer can be upgraded, which is often a better choice than buying a brand new machine. We offer a free review and advice of the upgradability of your computer.

Software installation

Installing and configuring an operating system or setting up a complete security package could be a challenge sometimes, so we are happy to help in this area too.

Custom built machines

If you are not happy with ready-made computers sold by retailers or your budget is very tight or you would like to have a unique computer, then a custom built machine might be a good choice. We can build your computer from parts you already have, or we can advise you what and where to buy to make the most out of your budget.

Basic computer training

In case you are new to computers, one-to-one training sessions of basic computer usage might be beneficial for you. We can teach you how to use email, how to create and print documents, how to save and backup your files and more.


We are happy to safely dispose your faulty computers, broken displays, old printers etc. free of charge. It is not just to meet the requirements of the government’s WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive, but also to help saving the environment and promote local recycling. As part of this free service, we also secure wipe your hard drive.